Overcomer Monday Memory Verse Scripture Helps

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This month we are adding another fun new resource to the INSPIRE tool kit... Lately, I’ve been very convicted about my lack of scripture memorization skills. So, this tool is as much for my own benefit as I hope it is for yours.

Here’s how it works... Each Monday on social media we will have a verse for Memory Verse Monday with the directions and prompts to help you commit the verse to memory that week. This printable features each verse but shows only the first letter of each word of the verse to help you as you memorize the verse of the week.

You can also download and print these Monday Memory Verse Scripture Helps Grab to help you memorize these verses that will remind you that in Christ, you are an Overcomer!

When we memorize scripture, we store up weapons in our arsenal to overcome fear, anxiety, worry, and doubt. ‬